Star Wars Mini
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Biggs Darklighter Alliance and Empire
Rebel Commando Alliance and Empire
Rebel Commando Strike Leader Alliance and Empire
Rebel Pilot Alliance and Empire
Storm Commando Alliance and Empire
BoushhBounty Hunters
Calo NordBounty Hunters
Dengar, Bounty HunterBounty Hunters
NymBounty Hunters
Republic Commando - ScorchChampions of the Force
Varactyl WranglerChampions of the Force
ARC TrooperClone Strike
Clone Trooper GrenadierClone Strike
Gungan InfantryClone Strike
Bothan SpyRebel Storm
Rebel CommandoRebel Storm
Rebel PilotRebel Storm
Wedge AntillesUniverse
Wedge Antilles, Red TwoForce Unleashed
Wookiee WarriorForce Unleashed
Elite Rebel Commando Legacy of the Force
Kyle Katarn, Jedi Battlemaster Legacy of the Force
Mandalorian CaptainKnights of the Old Republic
Odd Ball The Clone Wars
Veteran Rebel Commando Imperial Entanglements
Kota's Elite MilitiaDark Times
Kota's MilitiaDark Times
Boushh, Ubese HunterDark Times
Rebel SoldierMasters of the Force